Leave the planning to us!
Welcome to MBA Global Excursions

Take a 7 – 14 day adventure into economic developing countries unlike any you can experience on your own.

MBA Global Excursions specializes in leading business and cultural excursions into some of the most rapidly changing environments in the world.
The trips are designed and organized by the founders who draw from their broad backgrounds and regional contacts to bring a unique experience to Universities venturing abroad.

Choosing the right destination for your MBA program is an important decision. Choosing the right group to handle all the details of the trip is an even bigger decision. Don't leave your international trip to chance. Insist on the best... MBA Global Excursions.

Whether your trip takes you to the Far East,  Across the Atlantic, or Down Under,  MBA Global Excursions will deliver from all ends of the earth. Many Travel sites list hotels and destinations, but offer little else. Our years of experience in the industry will help you design the perfect educational trip. We will provide your program with some of the best business speakers and corporate visits for your destination. Our experienced staff will handle all the details. Traveling does not need to be stressful. You can count on MBA Global Excursions  for great value and tremendous service.

Create a memorable international trip for your MBA program. Contact us for a no obligation proposal for your next trip.

On the trip you will:

Hear lectures from the most knowledgeable business leaders in the region including top level government figures

• Discover a new culture and its affects on business transactions

• Visit the most important cultural locations with English speaking guides giving you deep insights into their historical significances

• Learn how business is conducted in the region and draw parallels to your specific experiences

• Be allowed free time to explore the surrounding areas and pursue what interests you the most
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